Gel Products

Our Gel is similar to human flesh in its consistency, touch and reaction to pressure. One of its great features is that it conforms exactly to the body shape when used hence achieving a high degree of equal weight distribution and shock absorbing properties. The Gel’s ability to flow ensures effective distribution of pressure and unlike other Gels, our Gel will never flow or leak when punctured as it is not a liquid encased in some outer coverage, it is the softest solid available on earth.

Our Gel can be more than 1500% expandable and offers a correspondingly high level of comfort. Even after prolonged exposure to high pressure, Gel returns to its original shape with virtually no changes. As a result of its visco-elastic nature and closed cell molecular structure, our Gel offers an attractive property profile:

  • extremely soft on touch and highly flexible under pressure,
  • excellent pressure distribution eliminates pressure points which causes discomfort,
  • will not freeze, melt, harden or crack in normal conditions,
  • non-toxic and safe to use externally,
  • never absorbs any odor or liquid,
  • no permanent deformation even after bearing thousands of full crushing cycle,
  • contains mineral oil which always soothes skin on direct contact.

These properties mean that this is the ideal raw material for producing Gel Mattresses, Gel Pillows and other Medical Gel Products. We currently have a range of items we are able to provide or are able to create your own product/profile giving you a truly unique item.